Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) gets some fowl costars on Thursday’s (April 5) episode of “Awake” titled, “That’s Not My Penguin.” Britten is working with his therapist Dr. Lee (BD Wong) to quell a hostage situation at a mental hospital in one world, while continuing to mix up details about each of his realities. Plus, he starts seeing penguins, but are they only a hallucination or is someone trying to make him think he’s hallucinating?

Laura Allen, who plays Britten’s wife, Hannah, said she’s been looking forward to this episode.

“It introduces … a whole new dimension to what this man can dream about,” she said during a conference call last month. And Isaacs concurs.

“Since one of the worlds is a dream, crazy s— can start happening,” Isaacs told Zap2it in March. “Odd things start happening to him that you can’t quite explain. … Coming down the road, there’s a lot more than penguins.”

Check out the clips below from “That’s Not My Penguin,” which airs on NBC Thursday at 10 p.m.

Do you think the penguins are hallucinations?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper