'Awkward' Recap: Jenna and Jake grow stronger and Matty drops the L bombEveryone’s airing out dirty laundry on this week’s “Awkward” – that is, everyone from Lacey (Nikki Deloach) to the Go Veg girl who munched on one too many a cheeseburger. This second episode, aptly named “Sex, Lies, and Videotape,” picks up on last week’s theme of going public. Except this time the stakes are higher, and everyone has more to lose. What’s Jenna’s (Ashley Rickards) big dilemma tonight? To confess to Jake (Brett Davern) about her secret relationship with Matty (Beau Mirchoff) or further its confidentiality and tentatively keep the peace. Now, we know secrets don’t survive very long, particularly in the high school setting, but Jenna’s decision is a hard one to make. We’re not sure what we would do, but we’re definitely not envious of Jenna’s position.

Apparently the soon-to-be-public sanctuary tape, a.k.a. everyone’s worst nightmare, poses as a threat not only to Jenna and Matty, but to anyone who has taken part in anything remotely scandalous within the Sanctuary walls. The irony of the Sanctuary’s given name does not escape us, folks, but it does highlight the temperamental atmosphere of high school and the fear of its gossip bandwagon.
Jenna and Matty realize that they can both lose Jake if news of their Sanctuary frolics, allegedly caught on tape, reaches his ears along with everyone else’s. As it happens, their principal is also worried about the potential news of his own scandal. As both he and Jenna both head over to Valerie (Desi Lydic) for help, Jenna soon realizes that Val and her “murder-she-wrote” glasses aren’t going to cut it. Instead, she climbs up the information hierarchy, and sends Ming (Jessica Lu) over to gain the help of the all-knowing Asians. 
Ming learns quickly that these Asians are a force to be reckoned with. Knowledge is their power, and allows them to fulfill their own agenda: in this case, parking spots. These girls are not just out to help Ming, but rather to help themselves. It’s worth stopping for a moment to note just how great the cafeteria scene really is. These girls knock it out of the park! Add delivery-sushi to the mix, and it just gets better.
In the meantime, Jake has let his imagination run free about Jenna’s past lover. When he voices his concern to Matty, telling him that Jenna was in love with her former beau (pun intended), Matty realizes that perhaps he still has a chance at winning Jenna back. He rushes over to our girl, J, and epically proclaims his love for her. We mentioned last week that we really want to dislike Matty, if only to make the choice between these two boys an easier one. Yet, here Matty is, doing his thing and making us love him all the more! It’s so hard to fault this guy, because he’s just so genuine. He doesn’t want to lose Jake, but he doesn’t want to hurt Jenna either. He just doesn’t seem to know any better, but he keeps trying. That’s really all one can hope for.
While Jenna is dealing with her secret, Lacey is as well. Despite all the differences these two have, this mother-daughter pair sure has a lot in common. They’re both keeping secrets from their significant others, though we think Lacey’s secret is so much worse than Jenna’s. Yet, Jenna learns, with the help of Anonymous, that news of Lacey’s quasi-hate/advice mail is not hers to tell. And as her mother finally fesses up to Kevin (Mike Faiola), Kevin’s look of betrayal and disbelief says it all.
When the Sanctuary tape is retrieved and in the trusted hands of Val, it turns out that only the principal’s affair was caught on tape – just enough information for Val to get a promotion and for the Asians to hold onto their parking spots. Jenna and Matty are in the clear for the time being, but now that Matty has confessed his true feelings for her (too little, too late), Jenna realizes she’s no longer invested in Matty. Fully ready to tell Jake the truth after inviting him over later that night, Jake decides to leave Jenna’s history in the past.  
The secret still remains, but not for Jenna’s lack of trying. We think Jenna’s safe for now, but we know from personal experience that the truth always comes out. Did she make the right decision in keeping the truth from Jake?
Most Awkward Moment: Ming and Becca’s lunch meeting is by far the most uncomfortable to watch. Becca’s alternating smiles and glares give us the creeps!
Favorite Moment: We’d love to see more of the Clinton and Blair role-playing, perhaps over some fondue.
Things to Look Out For: Anonymous, who are you?!
Posted by:Teny Akay