awkward season 3b premiere 'Awkward' Season 3B premiere: Jenna's surprise party ends in disaster

Jenna’s secret affair with Collin is no longer a secret, as “Awkward’s” Season 3B premiere ended with a shocking reveal.

Matty, being the all-around perfect boyfriend, planned a surprise party for Jenna’s birthday despite her acting super distant all day. She told him she wanted to spend the night alone in her empty house, and instead of being alone, she brought her lover-on-the-side Collin over to make out furiously as they entered the front door. Unfortunately, Matty had gathered all of Jenna’s friends and family to surprise her as she walked into the house, and they were all witness to Jenna’s infidelity. Can you say “Awkward?”

With Matty betrayed, Tamara in shock, and everyone else feeling extremely uncomfortable, Jenna’s surprise party is going to kick off one extremely dark half of Season 3. The cast revealed to Zap2it that Jenna cheating on Matty is not the only bad decision Jenna will make in these next 10 episodes, and she’ll goes so far that she will push her best friends, her family, and even her trusty guidance counselor Val away.

Of course, Jenna isn’t only screwing up her own life … she’s making things pretty tough for Tamara too. Forced to keep Jenna and Collin’s affair a secret throughout the premiere, Tamara was caught between a rock and a hard place: her best friend, or her boyfriend. Jake won’t be too pleased that Tamara went along with Jenna’s cheating and kept it a secret.

The one good thing that happened in the Season 3B premiere (besides Jenna’s mom finally pulling off a surprise party at the worst possible time)? Ming and Fred Wu are finally back together. Though Ming’s newfound power as the head of the Asian Mafia — and her abuse of that power — threatened to drive a wedge between these two, their love is stronger than any of that. They’re happier than ever, and Ming’s rocking some fresh new blonde locks to go along with her new position.

What did you think of the midseason premiere of “Awkward?” Are you team Jenna, Team Collin, or Team Matty? Is that even a real question? No, it’s not, but you can let us know your answer anyways in the comments section below.

“Awkward” airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET on MTV.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum