Some fathers get shirts, ties or socks for Father’s Day. But one of Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown‘s gifts from his daughter Ayla Brown was an interview for the CBS “Early Show.”

It starts off puffy enough with baby photos, basketball tossing, ice cream treats, motorcycle riding. But then his old Cosmo spread flashes on the screen and Ayla — a Season Five “American Idol” semi-finalist –  hits Scott hard with the tough questions.

]]> daughters were “available?” “it was strictly as a joke,” her dad assured her. “I’m not worried about you or Arianna…. I was just trying to be funny.” About the presidential bid: Despite the fact that Ariana really wants to live in the White House, Scott tells Ayla, “I’m not interested in running for president. I’m focusing on getting reelected.” He adds that he will try to arrange a nice White House visit for Arianna. The video ends with a shot of the family, including the family dog, and Scott tells the viewers that the pooch is also “available.” Bet that poor dog is so embarrassed. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead