baby daddy riley dad david mark chelsea kane 'Baby Daddy' poll: Who's Riley's real dad? Chelsea Kane weighs inRiley’s family dynamic turned upside down when she found out in a recent episode of “Baby Daddy” that the woman she thought was her mom isn’t her mother at all — the woman who gave birth to her was the person she previously knew as her aunt Margot (Amanda Detmer).

In the Wednesday, April 30 episode of the ABC Family sitcom, Riley (Chelsea Kane) will find out the identity of her biological father after she uses an old high school yearbook to narrow down the contenders to two men: David (David DeLuise), a pastry chef, and Mark (Adam Harrington), an attorney.

“Ben and I turn into mini-detectives to hunt down my bio dad. I use the resources from my law firm to find information on each guy,” Kane tells Zap2it in an email. “David is such a sweetheart and I love his little bake shop. However, he might be the reason I was called Fat Pants Perrin in high school. Mark is a type A personality and lawyer, just like me! However, I worry that we might have to face off in court one day! Awkward.”

Kane is torn as to who she’d rather her father be — “They both have qualities I admire,” she says — but she’ll be happy when Riley finds out for sure. “I’ll be happy to finally know the truth. Plus, I already have an amazing dad who raised me.”

Who do you think is Riley’s biological father? Vote in Zap2it’s poll, and tune in to “Baby Daddy” on Wednesday, April 30 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT to find out if you’re right.

Posted by:Jean Bentley