baby daddy jean luc bilodeau ep3 'Baby Daddy' star Jean Luc Bilodeau on how being a father changes everythingMost twentysomething guys would probably start hunting for a new roommate when one of their friends brought home an infant, but the guys on “Baby Daddy” are the loyal type. Jean-Luc Bilodeau, who plays Ben, the titular father, tells Zap2it that the roomies have a more sophisticated relationship now.

Ben, who lives with his pro hockey player brother Danny (Derek Theler) and his BFF Tucker (Tahj Mowry), says that the dynamic with baby Emma in the mix is certainly different.

“It goes from just hanging out with your best friend every day and doing
your regular routine and teasing your brother, that has changed into a
more sophisticated relationship,” Bilodeau says. “Ben relies on them to take care of his
baby every once in a while. They respect him enough to help him out,
and that’s a pretty big thing to ask of two young men. I think that
their relationship has grown even more since the baby’s come along just
because they have to step up to the plate as well.”

Besides, Emma is not only the most adorable baby ever, she’s also useful. “Emma helps all the guys get girls,” he says with a laugh. “It’s not their responsibility, but they want it to be because they love
Ben and they know that he can do this if he has a little bit of help. I
think they both like the baby; they like being dads, kind of.”

Ben’s relationship with Danny and Tucker has grown, but he’s grown as well — to an extent. “What’s great about Ben is that he’s still the same guy. He’s always been a generous, nice guy and the baby’s just brought that out in him more. So I don’t think he’s changed that much, he’s just a little bit more responsible.”

That manifests itself in many ways. Most importantly (to a twentysomething dude like Ben, anyway), he has to care more about the kind of girls he brings home. “He’s got to pick and choose who he dates because he’s got a baby, and
they have to be cool with that. In the next episode, he dates a girl who
Riley doesn’t like, and of course Riley takes that frustration out of
her in a funny way.”

Speaking of Riley (Chelsea Kane), although she’s hopelessly in love with Ben, it doesn’t seem like he’ll catch on any time soon.

“He’s pretty clueless throughout the whole show,” Bilodeau says. “He doesn’t really get any less clueless. He sort of starts feeling her attraction to him, but he’s still watching from the outside. He’s not really into it yet. I think one day he’ll figure it out and hopefully it’s not too late. Hopefully Riley hasn’t moved on to Danny yet.”

Oh yes, Danny is still very much into Riley, and it sounds like something actually might happen on that front.

“Danny is in love, I guess, with Riley. He really likes her. He’s a good-looking dude. His character is kind of stupid, but he’s a genuine guy and I think that any girl would fall for him. We’ll see!”

“Baby Daddy” airs Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. on ABC Family.

Posted by:Jean Bentley