tahj mowry baby daddy 'Baby Daddy' star Tahj Mowry promises a dance battle before Season 1 is overMost twentysomething guys would probably harbor a little resentment when one of their friends decided to raise a baby in their bachelor pad. But Tucker, the best friend of “Baby Daddy’s” baby daddy Ben, totally goes with the flow when his pal suddenly becomes a father.

“He really loves Emma and he really loves Ben, and he’s there no matter what,” star Tahj Mowry explains to Zap2it. “He’s very loving and very fun, and you never know what he’s going to say,” he says of his character.

Besides, Tucker might be patient enough to allow an infant as his new roommate, but Tucker can get pretty uptight on occasion. “He can be a little bit of a d****bag sometimes,” Mowry admits.

Emma has already given the guys plenty of outrageous adventures, and the hijinks will continue throughout the show’s first ten episodes. Mowry says we’ll see Tucker at work, we’ll meet his girlfriend, Vanessa (“he’s completely whipped”), and we’ll see Ben and Tucker get into a dance battle over a girl.

“I always walk around with a few moves in my pocket. You never know when you may need to bust one out,” Mowry says with a laugh.

Check out Mowry’s interview below. “Baby Daddy” airs Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. on ABC Family.

Posted by:Jean Bentley