baby like Baby named 'Like' after Facebook button. Unlike!Okay, so we thought that “Moroccan” was an interesting (ahem) choice for one of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s new twins. But it turns out Moroccan is in good shape compared to one Israeli baby whose parents named her after a Facebook button.

“Like” Adler, just a week old, joins sisters Dvash (Hebrew for honey) and Pie (“as in apple pie”).

“I’m not worried about other children teasing Like,” says mother Vardit Adler. “Dvash and Pie don’t seem to mind their special names and nobody teases them.”

Vardit and husband Lior said they wanted to name their daughter something “unique.” Mission accomplished.

But “Like” isn’t the sole Facebook-inspired baby name. In fact, according to PC World, an Egyptian couple named their daughter “Facebook” in February. And a few years ago, a Swedish couple named their son Oliver “Google” Kai.

Baby Like, by the way, already has her own Facebook page. As of this writing, 2,546 people “like” her. Facebook, as is often noted with regret, does not have an “unlike” button.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson