tasos-bachelor-in-paradise-ABC.jpgDue to an ABC outage Monday (Sept. 1), I was not able to watch “Bachelor in Paradise” like normal, but I have finally gotten caught up and here are a few thoughts I have on the episode.

– Thank goodness Christy wised up to Jesse’s game. He’s a d-bag, as she said. What was kind of sad was that Christy has been so crapped on by guys in her life that Tasos showed her a tiny amount of kindness and respect and you’d think he just handed her a million dollars or something. She was so over the moon and it’s like, “Sweetie, this is what guys should be like. Stop going for guys like Jesse.”

– I think it’s fine for Jesse to come on this show to have a good time. There is no “right reason” to come on “Bachelor in Paradise.” However, running your mouth about it to anyone who will listen is gross and childish. Grow up, Kovacs. Don’t let the door hit ya.

It’s nice that Christy sort of confronts him and calls him a coward for leaving (which he is), but she could have said so much more to him. It’s too bad she didn’t tell him to his face that he’s going to die alone, because that would have been amazing. Oh well — baby steps. This feels like a big step for Christy. And at least Lacy and Michelle got some shots in. It probably didn’t get past his thick d-bag armor, but one can hope.

– I’m glad Sarah didn’t throw Robert over for a chance with Brooks. Brooks seems great, but I will tell you that he just does not seem as sweet as Robert. He seems like he is more in it just to have a vacation, rather than look for love — which is fine, but Sarah seems to be interested in a real relationship. Plus, I cannot abide Brooks’ hipster stretched out T-shirt and puka shell/shark’s tooth necklace. Though at least he doesn’t use words like “romantical” — I’m looking at you, Zack.

– AshLee expressing her “ungratitude” for the date card not going to Graham because “he deserves it” was vomit-inducing. What she really means is that she deserves a date for being so awesome (not my words). She is the worst person on this beach and her little tantrum about not getting a date is no surprise, nor is it a surprise that AshLee is sucking up to Michelle because she knows Michelle is Graham’s BFF. Ugh. AshLee must be stopped, you guys.

– I was delighted to see Cody and Michelle Money cuddling up and being all serious. They probably won’t be doing anything after the show, but they are super cute on this show.

– Next week looks awesome, right? I’ve been wondering how the show was going to end, since it’s not a competition. I figured that surely they didn’t just all pack up their suitcases and leave, so it’s nice to know there’s at least some sort of twist ending.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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