bachelor-in-paradise-premiere-ABC.jpgWe’re just two short weeks away from the premiere of “Bachelor in Paradise” and if the promos are an indication, it’s going to be amazing. Host Chris Harrison tells Zap2it that he can barely describe how crazy it is.

“It’s so beyond — I don’t even know how to explain how good it is,” says Harrison. “The craziest thing that’s ever happened on any of our shows happened on ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ It’s inexplicable and I mean that to the absolute definition of that term. And it’s just one of the crazy things that happens on our show.”

We had to ask — what makes “Bachelor in Paradise” different from “Bachelor Pad,” other than setting it in a more tropical locale? Harrison lays it out for us.

“The main thing about ‘Bachelor Pad’ that bugged us is there was something inherently wrong with it — ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’ work because it’s never about anything else, there’s no catch. It’s about love, romance and finding love,” says Harrison. “‘Bachelor Pad’ wasn’t like that, there was a catch. It was about money. We thought that would be good, but in the end it got away from what makes our show so good, so when we brought the show back, we said to the contestants, ‘If you wanna come back on the show, guess what? It’s for nothing more than a second chance at love.’ And we weren’t sure that would be enough, but it was spectacular. It was far more than we ever dreamed of.”

But does anyone find love?

“It’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ how do you not find love in paradise?” says Harrison with a laugh. “I think there will be love found in paradise.”

“Bachelor in Paradise” premieres Monday, Aug. 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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