bachelor-pad-season-3-spoilers-cast-pics-abc.jpgSeason 3 of “Bachelor Pad” premiers Monday (July 23), but in case you can’t wait that long to get more scoop on the “Big Brother”-like show, we’ve got some spoilery goodness from Reality Steve right now.

Courtesy of RS, we already know who the final two couples are (you can find out here), and ABC gave us this episode description for the July 30 episode:

“After an edgy season premiere pitting the super fans against the alumni from the ‘Bachelor’ franchise, love takes center stage. In the second challenge, ‘Rhythmic Gymnastics,’ the women will fail to find their groove while the men will try to make up for their lack of grace with sheer attitude. On a 3-on-1 date, a fan favorite will find unexpected sparks at a rock concert with a beautiful housemate. The other 3-on-1 date features a race for a woman’s heart — in a soapbox derby! Back at the mansion, the pressure mounts on all the contestants, leading to a shocking pre-dawn decision.”

Which leads us to these spoilery bits from Reality Steve:

– None of the newbies, or “super fans,” last past the fourth episode.  

– A contestant or two leaves on their own.  

– Someone on the show, a fan favorite, has hooked up with a newbie since filming has ended. Not sure if they actually hooked up in the house, but they must’ve laid the ground work, because they sure have since they were voted off.  

Ashley [Hebert] and JP [Rosenbaum] judge the rhythmic gymnastics competition.  

Kalon [McMahon] and Lindzi [Cox] are still dating, as are Tony [Pieper] and Blakeley [Jones], who took a vacation together this past weekend in Idaho. … These two are just giddy over each other. All you have to do is read her tweets. She’s certainly not hiding anything. And yes it’s true, apparently she has spoken to Tony’s son on the phone but hasn’t met him yet.

– At the first rose ceremony, two newbies are eliminated.

Are you excited for the July 23 premiere?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper