sean lowe catherine giudici live bachelor wedding 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe wedding to Catherine Giudici live blogIt’s the day we’ve been waiting for for weeks, “Bachelor” fans — and the day Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have been waiting for for 14 months, since they got engaged during the filming of their “Bachelor” season finale.

This is not the first televised “Bachelor/ette” wedding on ABC, but it is the first one to be taking place live on TV. How exciting!

Of course, before the live ceremony, there will be scads of footage of Catherine and Sean planning their big day, which Catherine tells Zap2it was a “complete collaboration” between them and ABC.

We’re also sure the show will feature everyone’s favorite “Bachelor” franchise faces. Join us here for our live blog starting at 8 p.m. ET/PT. All times Eastern.

8:00 — The wedding is in Santa Barbara, which is a gorgeous locale. The opening montage has Catherine saying she wants the wedding to be “grown sexy” (“groan sexy”?) several times. We’re with Sean — what does that mean? We’re seriously asking, what does that mean?

8:03 — Chris Harrison welcomes us and we know it’s live because he trips over his words once! Love you, Chris Harrison. We wish he was officiating.

8:05 — There’s a montage of their love story, but the actual “Bachelor” footage is thankfully sparse. We get right to their road trip when they moved to Dallas, which is where Sean is from. Oh! Picture-in-picture! We can watch “Bachelor” people mingle live in a tiny picture in the corner. That’s ridiculous and awesome.

bachelor-wedding-sean-lowe-catherine-giudici-ABC.jpg8:07 — The p-in-p switches to Sean in his tuxedo, getting ready. He looks genuinely nervous! Oh, that is adorable. And then hey, it’s Jason and Molly talking to Neil Lane! This is like “Bachelor” “Where’s Waldo?”.

8:08 — While on the road trip, Catherine names the words she wants to describe the wedding: “grown sexy” (whatever that is), whimsical and romantic. Sean adds mind-blowing and festive and she thinks he’s just spitting out words now, whatever pops into his head. I don’t know, I think those two words sound like pretty good words for a wedding description.

8:11 — In Dallas, they have separate houses because they aren’t living or sleeping together until they’re married, which (in all seriousness) is cool and good for them. But they’re both sad about not being able to see each other all the time.

8:15 — Sean and Cat tell Sean’s family about the wedding date — p-in-p reveals Andy Dick is there, what? Why is he there? Is it because Sean and Andy were on “DWTS” together? That must be it, but we are kind of surprised they got to be such buds. Hmph. — anyway, then S&C ask Sean’s dad Jay to officiate the wedding. Oh, OK. Well, that’s cool, we rescind our wish that Harrison was officiating. Jay is so touched, he gets choked up. Aww. He’s the cutest.

8:18 — Sean tells his dad he’ll have to hold it together during the ceremony and we say: good luck with that. My dad cried and cried when he was supposed to sing at my wedding. It was very sweet, but yeah, he couldn’t get through the song.

8:20 —  The p-in-p goes to the “honeymoon suite cam.” Um, that’s weird and kinda creepy. We don’t need to see the suite where S&C are going to make sweet, sweet love later tonight.

8:24 — You know what’s funny about “Bachelor” “Where’s Waldo?” Some of the people I totally recognize — oh, that’s Jason, oh, that’s DeAnna! But then some of the people it’s like, “… ummmmm … you’re somebody … nope, don’t remember.”

8:27 — Catherine meets with the wedding planner and she’s obsessed with her idea of “grown sexy” (it’s really more fun to pretend it’s “groan sexy”), saying she wants everything associated with the wedding to be touched with sexy. She says this while on p-in-p some housekeeper in the hotel prepares the marital bed. STOP GOING TO THE HONEYMOON SUITE CAM.

catherine giudici the bachelor wedding 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe wedding to Catherine Giudici live blog8:30 — Catherine’s idea of grown sexy is Robin Thicke. Hmm. You sure he’s not “creepy creepster”?

8:36 — Catherine goes dress shopping with her mom, Sean’s mom and Christa, her maid-of-honor, at the Monique Lhuillier boutique in Los Angeles.  There’s a pink cotton candy one and a trumpet silhouette one that both make Catherine’s bosom look enormous (even moreso). Goodness. This one in the picture (left) is our favorite of the ones she tries on, though we suspect the one she’ll actually wear is being kept off-camera.

— Meanwhile, Sean is shopping for lingerie and he’s at a complete loss. The p-in-p reveals that the housekeepers are finished re-making the bed. Good to know. Then Sean draws our attention right back to the lingerie when he says, “I could see my grandma in that.” Really? We’re not sure it’s that conservative, dude. Or maybe you have an … unusual relationship with your grandmother.

8:46 — Sean is going over his vows in his hotel room and getting choked up already. Aww. This is going to be total waterworks, isn’t it?

8:50 — On the p-in-p, somebody brought their dog? Is that Lisa Vanderpump? Why is she — wait, “DWTS” again. Got it. But leave your dog at home, lady.

— Sean then gives Catherine her lingerie — “fancy icing for my body,” she says — and he admits that it’s pretty much for him, though she delightfully giggles as she goes, “No undies with this one!” and she keeps saying “grown sexy.” Please stop with the grown sexy.

8:59 — It’s flower shopping time. Sean has to pretend to care about the flower arrangements. Honestly, I planned my own wedding and could barely care about the flowers.

— After some glam squad time with Jose Eber and co., Catherine is having boudoir photos taken for Sean’s wedding present. Sexy. She calls the pictures a symbol of her giving herself to him, since no one else will ever get to see them. And obviously, the cameras leave way before any pics are taken.

9:10 — It’s “I want to talk to Chris Harrison” time, he wants to check in with them. S&C say some very sweet things, it’s pretty great. As cynical as we are about this silly show sometimes, Sean and Catherine seem to be legitimately head-over-heels in love.

sean lowe catherine giudici getty 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe wedding to Catherine Giudici live blog9:16 — They start joking about Sean being the “virgin bachelor” and Chris Harrison gets in a pretty good joke about how he’ll be there in the honeymoon suite the next morning for the first interview. Catherine lobs back that he’ll be hiding under the bed the whole time. Hee.

9:18 — And now it’s time, after this next commercial. Wedding time, baby!

9:22 — The
processional music is being played by 2Cellos, made up of (you guessed it) two cellists, Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser. What, ABC couldn’t get Yo-Yo Ma?

9:25 — You know, all the promos for this implied there might be some fireworks from the various former “Bachelor/ette” peeps. We’re frankly a little surprised some kind of fight wasn’t staged.

— Why are the wedding party members coming down the aisle and then, like, disappearing? Where are they going? WHy aren’t they standing up with the bride and groom? Ring-bearers! Oh my god, cute.

9:31 — It’s time for Catherine to walk down the aisle and Sean is already tearing up, awww. The music is kind of tropical, it’s perhaps a nod to Catherine’s Filipino heritage, which is very cool.Catherine looks gorgeous, beautiful dress and veil.

9:35 — During his opening, Jay is adorably folksy and very sweet when he tells Catherine how in love Sean’s family is with her. There’s lots of other nice things, it’s typical wedding stuff.

9:44 — Time for the vows. Catherine says, “Sometimes I think I’m going to explode from how much I love you.” We hear you, sister. You’re making me remember my own wedding.

9:49 — They exchange rings and Jay declares them married, they kiss and then they blubber their way down the aisle. Awww, you guys. Sean is particularly overcome.

9:52 — Harrison teases that when we come back, we get live reactions from the family and the “Bachelor” alums. Um, what are their reactions going to be other than positive? Though it would be pretty awesome if somebody who has also had a TV wedding was like, “Eh. Ours was better.”

9:57 — JP says it’s nice to sit on the other side of the wedding, while Trista says she loves welcoming more of the “Bachelor” family into marital happiness. Indeed. Do you suppose Juan Pablo is going to find his future wife?

9:59 — Tomorrow night on “The Bachelor,” Sharleen and Juan Pablo get hot ‘n heavy some more, while Clare confronts Nikki about how she’s one way with the girls and another way with Juan Pablo. Oh no you didn’t. Team Nikki, woman.

— We fade out on the honeymoon suite as some total “bomp chicka wow-wow” music plays, followed by some owl sounds and a train. Oh, “Bachelor.” Never change.

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