naked lucy aragon the bachelor 'Bachelor' special: Naked Lucy Aragon seems popular with her co starsIn continuation with the month-long celebration of Juan Pablo Galavis, ABC aired a “Bachelor” behind-the-scenes special Sunday (Jan. 11) that was … revealing, which we suppose is the point of a behind-the-scenes special.

The Fan Parties

First up, host Chris Harrison and Juan Pablo visit some premiere viewing parties held by fans. The reaction of these women (and one dude) is terrifying. They are screaming and crying like it’s the 1960s and the Beatles just arrived. Yikes.

Interestingly, everybody loves Nikki (one of our faves) and everybody kind of hates Sharleen (the other one of our faves). While we like that she’s not your typical desperate “Bachelor” contestant, the fans take umbrage with her being so hesitant when accepting the first-impression rose. As one fan says, “If Juan Pablo offered me a rose, the last thing I would say is ‘sure.'”

Another fan, who is rather young-looking, adds, that “The Bachelor” is “not just a fairytale like you read in a book, lt’s real life.” Wellllll … that’s … sort of true.

The Bachelorettes

In a fun bit of editing, there is footage of the women who got roses last week moving into the “Bachelor” mansion, with much squealing and hugging, since they are still friendly (or pretending to be friendly) with each other at this point. Andi exclaims, “The ‘Bachelor’ mansion symbolizes hope. A lot of love has happened here.”

Considering that it also hosted “Bachelor Pad,” we’d say you could also substitute “nookie” for “love.” And maybe “STDs.”

Then it abruptly cuts to the women who did not receive roses and it’s a “Wizard of Oz”-like shift. We go from technicolor happiness to the plinky-plunky strains of heartbreak, with washed out colors and many, many tears. 

This Week’s Drama

We get a more in-depth look at the women whom Chris Harrison says are involved in some drama on Monday’s (Jan. 13) episode. Most of them are pretty innocuous, like Victoria, whose husband cheated on her, and Elise, whose mom died of cancer. Both of those things are sad but not necessarily fodder for controversy, you know?

But enter Lucy, the “free spirit” who talks about how people “label” her as a “hippie” because she doesn’t brush her hair or paint her nails. Well, you don’t have to paint your nails, but running a brush through your hair does not mean you’re getting “glammed up.”

Also, Lucy really likes to be naked. There is much footage of her stark naked playing with a garden hose, sitting at a table, walking a dog down a busy street. Can’t she get arrested for that? Anyway, the fellow bachelorettes are sure to love that. Can’t wait.

One bachelorette already says of Lucy, “She’s digging her own grave, makes me look better.” That may not necessarily be true, lady.

Finally in the footage of tomorrow night and the rest of the season, it appears that on tomorrow night’s group date, Victoria gets drunk and we think she might even be the one who cries out, “Juan Pablo, I hope you die!”

Fun times.

“The Bachelor” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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