roberto ali finale bachelorette interview 'Bachelorette' Ali, Roberto on their relationship, next 'Bachelor'Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez got engaged on the finale of “The Bachelorette.” Now they talk about their relationship moving forward, the next “Bachelor” and each other’s little flaws.

When did Ali know for sure that Roberto was the one?

Ali: I knew for sure, with 100% that it was Roberto during our last date together when we were in the rain and everything was just so perfect and wonderful and I felt so good. I didn’t want to be with anyone else … I couldn’t focus on Chris, I just wanted to spend more time with Roberto … but in retrospect, looking back on the first night, that feeling I had for him was like nothing I’d ever experienced … it really was love at first sight.

When did they tell their parents about the engagement?

Roberto: I couldn’t hold it in. As soon as i got back to Tampa after the finale taped, I told my parents right away. They were nothing but excited, they loved Ali when they met her.

Ali: It was so cute, I talked to his parents last night when we were at “Jimmy Kimmel.” His mom was like, “I love you, Ali” and I was like crying … I waited a little bit to tell my parents … because I didn’t want them to feel tempted to share the information. When I told them, they were like, “Yeah, we already knew. It’s so obvious.”

On her new-found fame:

Ali: [I came on “The Bachelorette”] to find love. With being the Bachelorette, there’s also this media frenzy and publicity that has brought a lot of good things in my life and given me opportunities to do things for charity that I’m so grateful for. I don’t think I’ll be going back to Facebook. But who knows? I definitely have some people who are advising me right now and representing me and helping me figure out what’s the best move. I just want to make the best of this blessing we’ve been given to just do good in the world.

On the tabloid rumors about Ali dating Matt Leinert:

Roberto: That’s the reason I really don’t keep up with the tabloids and everything else. It’s easy to get caught up in that. I tend to steer away from it.

Ali: We laughed about it, remember I brought it to you and I’m like, “Oh, look who I’m dating!” [laughter from both]

On their choice for the next “Bachelor”:

Roberto: I think the obvious choice, I would say it’s Chris. And among the other guys, it was just a really good group. Kirk was a great guy, Craig was a great guy, I got along with Ty. I wish them all the best, I want them to find happiness … if they wanna do that, using this kind of vehicle to do it, I send them my blessings.

Ali: I completely agree with Roberto. If Chris chooses to do it, I think it’s his. I just want him to be happy. We wish him the absolute best if he decides to do it. Love Kirk, Craig is just hysterical, he’d make ea great bachelor … there’s a few options, I think.

On their possible upcoming wedding:

Ali: It’s so hard to answer that question. We’ve said possibly spring of next year, but we also are like, “What if we say that and we don’t get married in the spring of next year, are people going to say something’s wrong in our household?” But we’re just happy.

Roberto: Enjoying life, one day at a time … I think we’re definitely open to [a televised wedding]. The money we can save from that we can invest in our lives. It’d be kinda cool to share that moment with everybody and have my family there and experience that with us.

Ali: Roberto has a big family. His mom told me thinking along the lines of like 700 people at the wedding, so it just makes sense of us to save that money and invest in our future and our future children.

On each other’s little flaws:

Ali: The only thing I would say to him would be you’re going to have to work on keeping the kitchen a little bit cleaner. [laughter from both] Roberto’s got a good appetite on him, he likes food, he likes to eat and he sometimes makes a mess in the kitchen and little ants come in and get the food … he is working on that.

Roberto: Maybe uh … she gets a little grumpy when she’s hungry.

Ali: I do, when I’m hungry, I get a little bit grumpy … our life pretty much revolves around food … I think we might be ordering in a lot. But uh, yeah. One thing that’s really fun that we’ll do is learn to cook together, we’ll do like cooking classes or something. That would be really fun.

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