So, this happened on Fox News  this week — after Nick’s fantasy suite sex reveal on “The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose,” “The Five” hosts were discussing the jaw-dropping moment and Bob Beckel — who had a prostitute scandal a decade ago, let’s not forget that — blurts out, “She’s a slut.”

The other men at the table start laughing at him, but to their credit, the women at least try to take him to task for it (though we wish they would have be a little sterner about it).

Andrea Tantaros actually says, “Are you kidding me right now? … You probably sleep with a different woman every night.” She also reminds him that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Later Dana Perino chimes in, “That whole episode really lowered the bar on ‘The Bachelorette,’
which would be hard to do, but I think we just surpassed ourselves here
and lowered it even further. Congratulations to us.”

Prior to all the slut-shaming, however, Greg Gutfeld actually makes a good point in regard to Andi saying that Nick should have kept that private: “You’re on a reality show where you’re making out with guys every day.”

Indeed. In fact, we’re actually kind of impressed that Nick brought up this heretofore unspoken aspect of the show. We’re sure there are plenty of seasons of “The Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” where the lead sleeps with two, if not all three, of his or her fantasy suite dates. And as we said earlier, that’s fine if everyone knows exactly what the playing field is. No slut-shaming here, do your thing.

But in Nick’s case, it seems like he put a lot of stock in having sex with Andi and then for her to reject him really hurt him. But this Fox News clip just illustrates how the genders in this situation make Nick a bad guy for bringing it up and Andi a slut for sleeping with two guys.

If this had been Clare Crawley bringing it up to Juan Pablo Galavis a season ago, do you think people would be calling Clare a bad guy and Juan Pablo a slut? Probably not.

UPDATE: This is Beckel’s “apology.”

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