trista sutter bachelorette book excerpt ryan sutter gi 'Bachelorette' Trista Sutter's book published: 'Happily Ever After'

Trista Sutter, known for being the first star of “The Bachelorette,” has published a book: “Happily Ever After: The Life Changing Power of a Grateful Heart.” The reality star released an excerpt to the Vail Daily, and highlights are available here.

Married to her “Bachelorette” pick, Ryan Sutter, since 2003, Trista wrote the book on her “picture of gratitude that has been such a powerful force in finding my life’s happiness.” She explained that the theme of the work — which includes stories, quotes and research — is “If you embrace a grateful heart, then you will live a happier life.”

Some more quotes from Sutter’s book:

‘You can’t invite your friends and loved ones inside of a house you haven’t built yet.’ Rev Run, the hip-hop legend and minister definitely has a way with words, and when he posted this quote on Twitter, I immediately wrote it in the little journal I have dedicated to collecting my favorites.

It was the perfect way to describe two notions that have guided the most important relationships of my life: (1) It is only through knowing and truly loving yourself that you can ever welcome anyone else into your world; (2) It is only by taking care of your personal health and well-being that you will have the energy and ability to care for the people who depend on you, including your kids, spouse, parents, friends or even your precious babies with fur or feathers …

The only way to ensure that they have what they need is to make sure that I can give them what they need — and that means taking care of myself first. This is not to say that you are more important than those you are caring for, but that you are as important.

The Sutters are set to return to reality television in 2014 with the upcoming show, “Marriage Boot Camp.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown