the bachelor after the final rose reunion chris harrison juan pablo galavis 'Bachelor's' Chris Harrison: Juan Pablo 'fought the process,' it was frustratingJuan Pablo Galavis created quite the controversy during his “Bachelor” finale when he dumped Clare Crawley after a controversial, sexual comment she says he made to her during their final date — and then appeared on the “After the Final Rose” reunion special with chosen woman Nikki Ferrell, refusing to say “I love you” to her or reveal their future plans together.

Host Chris Harrison was visibly rankled with Juan Pablo, continually trying to get him to say those three little worlds. He even enlisted the help of “Bachelor/ette” alums, one of whom told Juan Pablo not to bite the hand that feeds you.

It sounds like the show was frustrated with Juan Pablo all along. Harrison tells “Good Morning America,” “I’d been frustrated for a long time with him. I know some people take it as I don’t like Juan Pablo or … I’m angry at him and I’m not. I was trying to help him. Any inkling of emotion would help him.”

When asked if there was a divide between Juan Pablo and the show, Harrison says, “Yeah, there was. I don’t know, but for some reason he just fought it the entire way. He fought the process.”

Meanwhile, jeweler Neil Lane, who famously provides the engagement rings for the “Bachelor/ette” finales, tells People that he thought Juan Pablo was ready to propose to Nikki in Saint Lucia.

“He indicated to me that he had found the right girl. He did not give a
hint that he didn’t have that certainty about the woman he was choosing.
Sitting in Saint Lucia and talking to him, it was clear he had a girl in
mind and he wasn’t taking it lightly. He seemed excited about the moment
and finding the best ring for this particular girl,” says Lane. “When I left him, he seemed prepared to propose. There were other ‘Bachelors’ over the years, like Jake Pavelka, who seemed less certain or who might have been struggling. Juan Pablo was not that way.”

There’s a theory floating around online that perhaps Juan Pablo was supposed to propose to Nikki during the “After the Final Rose” reunion — that that’s the “surprise” Harrison kept referring to, and when Juan Pablo said on live TV that there was no surprise, that’s when the wheels fell off the interview.

What do you think, “Bachelor” fans?

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