backpackers comedy cw seed summer 2014 'Backpackers': The CW orders digital series to air as a summer comedy

In a first for the network, The CW has ordered the half-hour digital series “Backpackers” for a 10-episode run on-air in summer 2014.

“Backpackers” is the story of Ryan (Noah Reid) and Brandon (Dillon Casey) traveling across Europe to search for Ryan’s missing bride-to-be and for the meaning of life. Then, when Ryan’s lost journal gets posted online and gains an Internet following, Ryan’s dreams of becoming a successful author could become real — he just needs to find out who stole the journal.

The adventure continues from Thailand to Canada with Brandon’s brother, Andrew (Giacomo Gianniotti) along for the ride.

While the first four episodes of the comedy will be based on footage already aired online, the final six episodes will be original for The CW. “Backpackers” had previously been a part of CW Seed, a digital studio described as “an incubator for new talent and new ideas.”

The show, originally developed for television and produced by Jay Bennett, will be executive-produced by Maggie Murphy, Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie and Tom Mazza. An associated online reality series, “The Real Backpackers,” will follow Annie Unnold as she travels to the same places as her fictional “Backpackers” counterparts.

Posted by:Laurel Brown