rainn wilson backstrom trailer fox 'Backstrom': Rainn Wilson is a degenerate detective in FOX's new dramaYou have seen the irascible, antisocial detective who nonetheless is brilliant at solving crimes before, from Sherlock Holmes to “Monk” to, well, “Sherlock.”

When another such show comes along, it’s going to rise and fall on the performance of the person playing the character and the sharpness with which those around him are drawn. For your consideration, then, is the trailer for FOX’s new series “Backstrom,” with Rainn Wilson (“The Office”) as the boozing, disheveled — but brilliant! — sleuth leading a “squad of losers,” as he charmingly puts it.

Wilson looks like he’s having a blast in the role, and the show comes from “Bones” creator Hart Hanson, who certainly knows his way around both crime stories and oddball characters. Take a look at the teaser for “Backstrom,” which debuts in 2015 on FOX:

Posted by:Rick Porter