Bald (for a role) Matt Damon is a hero amongst teachers.

The actor took to Washington D.C. this weekend (July 30) to rally with his mother, a school teacher, and some of her colleagues at the Save Our Schools March. However, when a reporter from Reason TV suggests that teachers aren’t driven to work as hard because they don’t have the same job insecurity as, say, an actor, Damon was quick to fire off.

“A teacher wants to teach,” Damon states. “I mean why else would you take a sh***y and really long hours and do that job unless you really love to do it?”

It doesn’t end there. The cameraman decides he should jump in and do some hard hitting journalism himself. Yeah, that turns out great.

“Aren’t 10 percent bad though?” He asks off camera, making up his own statistic. “10 percent of teachers are bad. 10 percent of people in any profession should think of something else.”

Hard hitting journalism — just make up your own facts and seeing how that goes over with bald Matt Damon.

“Well ok, but maybe you’re a sh****y cameraman, I don’t know,” an obviously annoyed Damon shoots back.

Boom. Owned. Bald Damon for the win.

Posted by:Jen Blushi