hoon lee banshee cinemax 'Banshee' Season 2 finale: Star Hoon Lee's 'petrifying' flashback, plus Rabbit's presence resolved“Banshee” is wrapping up its second season on Friday (March 14) with an action-packed finale, appropriately titled “Bullets and Tears.” Star Hoon Lee teases for Zap2it a fun flashback he takes part in, where his character Job is dancing in a club.

“It was a little treacherous. I usually describe myself as an actor who moves badly. I wouldn’t say it was ‘fun’ so much as ‘petrifying,” says Lee with a laugh. “We worked with James Allsop, who is a very well-regarded choreographer. He was just incredibly nurturing, lots of holding my hand as I quietly wept in the corner.”

A good portion of the “Banshee” finale occurs in flashbacks, tied to the infamous diamond heist that has propelled the entire series from its inception. “In some ways the diamonds are a
little bit of a MacGuffin, they’re a little bit of a proxy for what was
the relationship between these characters of Anastasia and Rabbit and
[Antony Starr’s] character,” says Lee. “The diamonds imply a much more epic betrayal
and that provides the fuel to take us to the end of the season. The
lingering dread of Rabbit’s presence has to be resolved one way or

Looking ahead to Season 3, Lee can’t really tell us much (because he doesn’t know much yet) but he hopes Job will be back, if the writers can find organic ways to bring him about.

hoon lee cinemax banshee 'Banshee' Season 2 finale: Star Hoon Lee's 'petrifying' flashback, plus Rabbit's presence resolved“If you assume that Job is not
going to be phased out, then what does that imply? Does it imply that he
comes back [to Banshee]? Does it imply that other people leave [to go see him]? You have to look at the logical path and if Job finds himself in New York, then why would he come back to Banshee?” says Lee.

Job finds his way back to Banshee or people find their way out to him
or some other sort of intersection occurs, there will have to be a good
reason for it,” Lee continues. “I hope [there is], I like that little town, personally,
but Job certainly does not. … Job is a heightened character in a heightened world. We’ve had made discussions about the need to not burn out the palate with him, so to speak.

“He’s the sort of character where if he was just hanging around all the time, it wouldn’t make that much sense. It’s the sort of presence that could lose impact if he’s hanging around all the time and I’m fully on board with that,” Lee adds. “The idea of Job just kind of hanging around all the time, I don’t think that’s useful to anybody. The flip side of that is that when Job does come, he has something very concrete and very specific to do.

The “Banshee” Season 2 finale airs Friday, March 14 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Cinemax and Season 3 will return in early 2015.

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