If this whole leader of the free world gig doesn’t pan out for President Barack Obama, does he have a career in stand-up? Watch his performance on Saturday (May 1) at the annual White House Correspondent’s Ball and dinner and decide.

]]>Sarah Palin didn’t do too badly when she tried stand-up on Jay Leno‘s late night show. And she’s now got her own reality show on the Discovery Channel. And that’s reported to be really funny! Our favorite part of his WHCD monologue is the bit about “The Jersey Shore” addendum to the newly passed health care bill.  According to Obama, Snooki, JWwow,  ‘The Situation’ and House Minority Leader John Boehner will not be taxed on their use of tanning beds. Should Sarah Palin also be on that list? And of course, we loved the part about Vice President Joe Biden talking Barack into doing the WHC dinner. Obama revealed that Biden “leaned over and said, “Mr. President, this is no oridinary dinner. This is a big ****ing meal.”

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead