elizabeth vargas alcoholism barbara walters the view Barbara Walters apologizes for claim Elizabeth Vargas' alcohol addiction was well known

Elizabeth Vargas has been incredibly candid and open about her struggle with alcoholism in recent weeks. The latest stop on the “20/20” newswoman’s press tour was “The View,” where she sat down with Barbara Walters and company to discuss her disease.

The biggest moment of the interview, however, wasn’t Vargas’ admissions, but rather the times Walters interrupted her to say “we all knew” about her alcohol problems. Despite clarifications otherwise, Walters seemed to assert that Vargas’ recently admitted problems were public knowledge.

When Walters says “we all knew,” does she mean the public? The group of employees at “20/20”? Those close to Vargas? It’s unclear, but Walters has come forward to apologize nonetheless.

“I love Elizabeth and have great admiration for her,” Walters tells The New York Post’s Page Six. “I never would have deliberately said anything to hurt her, and I called to tell her that.”

Though Vargas seemed to have been taken aback by Walters’ comments in the interview, she tells the Post, “This is silly! Barbara is a colleague and a friend.”

Did you think Walters’ comments were out of line? Watch the original segment below:

Posted by:Terri Schwartz