frank langella gave barbara walters chicken pox gi Barbara Walters caught the chicken pox from Frank LangellaOne of the great mysteries of modern times (or maybe just this week) has been solved! Barbara Walters has revealed that it was actor Frank Langella who infected her with the chicken pox, thus causing the “View” host to miss six weeks of work.

Initially, Walters would not divulge the identity of the actor who infected her with the virus, saying only that he was “well-known” and that she had exchanged a New Year’s kiss with the man. However, once Langella’s name was reported in association with the disease transmission, Walters came clean.

“It was Frank Langella,” Walters admitted on Tuesday (March 5) on “The View” when her co-host, Joy Behar, noted that the media already had his name. Langella, as it turned out, was suffering from shingles — a disease caused by the same virus as the chicken pox — but was not diagnosed until later.

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Barbara Walters was diagnosed with chicken pox following a fainting episode in January. She was only able to return to work on Monday (March 4).

Walters confirmed that Langella — who was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his work in 2008’s “Frost/Nixon” — has fully recovered from his bout with shingles.

Posted by:Laurel Brown