The world nearly came off its hinges when Barbara Walters revealed on “The View” that she gave her vibrator a name. Why would anyone need to know something like that?
Still, Walters is loud and proud about her sex toy, though co-host Whoopi Goldberg seems to think she’d talked about it enough. “If you start talking about that vibrator of yours again,” Goldberg warns. “You know what it’s called? A selfie,” Walters replies.
It makes you wonder where the line of too much information falls anymore. If Walters, one of America’s most respected newspeople, can talk about the name of her vibrator on a daytime talk show, is the topic fair game for anyone?

That’s a whole lot of sex toy talk, but one questions remains: Of these celebrities, which one ventured a little too far into TMI territory? Let your voice be heard and vote below.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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