the view hosts barbara walters whoopi goldberg jenny mccarthy sherri shepherd Barbara Walters likes that 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo didn't say 'I love you'The women of “The View” had some surprisingly insightful and varied opinions regarding “Bachelor” Juan Pablo’s final choice and subsequent “After the Final Rose” reunion debacle on their talk show Tuesday (March 11).

Jenny McCarthy: “It was the most disturbing rose ceremony ever and I loved every stinking minute of it. Juan Pablo, otherwise known as ‘a douche,’ according to everyone on Twitter, chose Nikki. Sort of. … He didn’t even tell her that he loves her.”

Sherri Shepherd: “I was not upset with him for not saying it back. After two months, this man is courting other women and you, and you expect him to really mean it and say he loves you? I would be seeing red flags after two months if a man said he loved you.”

Whoopi Goldberg, re: Clare telling Juan Pablo off: “She’s way late on this one. The guy’s been a douche from the beginning, he was a douche in the middle, he was a douche at the end, she could’ve told him, ‘Look, douche’ [at any point].”

Barbara Walters: “What I did like about it is it was a real reality show. He did not say ‘I love you,’ it did not have ‘the happy ending’ and I thought for the first time — I got it, I liked it.”

What do you think, “Bachelor” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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