The Jets‘ victory over the Patriots on Sunday night was the most-watched NFL divisional playoff game ever, and the win may have gone to Bart Scott‘s head a bit, but honestly? After that game, he probably deserves a bit of an ego trip.

ESPN’s Sal Paolontonio caught up with Scott while he was still celebrating on the field – literally, he was pretending to soar over the green.

Scott, in an emotional moment, raged about the “disrespect” he feels the Jets have faced. “For all, you know, non-believers,” he says. “Disrespect us, talk crap
about the defense — like we ain’t the third-best defense in the league —
all we hear is about [Patriots] defense. They can’t stop a
nosebleed — 25th in the league — and we the ones that get disrespected!”


Later, the interview turned personal, when Scott targeted Patriots QB Tom Brady in particular. “This was the quarterback that couldn’t get touched,” he says. “You talk all about how great he’s playing, but what Rex [Ryan] pulled out for us was his last three playoff
games – what his record was and what his rating was then. He had a 66
quarterback rating in his last four or five playoff games and you guys
didn’t believe that. You guys didn’t look deep enough into the notes.”

Check it out! He didn’t drop one foot reference the whole time.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie