bates motel season 2 finale norman bates 'Bates Motel' Season 2 finale will resolve Miss Watson murder mysteryDid Norman really kill Miss Watson? Within two episodes, fans of “Bates Motel” will find out.

Star Freddie Highmore confirms during an interview with reporters that the major Season 2 mystery will be wrapped up by the final episode. Executive producer Carlton Cuse says the season finale will reveal how much Norman is actually aware of his own culpability in her murder, which is another recurring question through Season 2.
“The character’s self-knowledge is a huge factor in how he moves forward. We’re going to jump right into the heart of those questions in the finale,” Cuse says. “The finale is my favorite episode of the season. A lot of that has to do with just how great the performances are by Freddie, Vera [Farmiga] and Max Thieriot.”
Highmore says the “Bates Motel” audience should be questioning their support of Norman Bates by the end of episode 10, “The Immutable Truth.” Norman will make a “selfish” decision, and Highmore says it remains to be seen whether the audience is still siding with him or not.
There also is the question of whether Norma will be with him. The relationship between mother and son has become fractured during Season 2, and though usually it can be repaired, Highmore says they could cross the point of no return after what they learn about one another in episode 10.
“The nature of that relationship will evolve over time,” Cuse says. “Norman has gone from being a boy to sort of a man. That’s part of his journey over the course of the show.
“We do foresee that there are some bad things that loom ahead for Norman and Norma. I think it would rob the audience of the enjoyment of the journey to be too specific about how we’re going to play that out. … [Co-showrunner] Kerry [Ehrin] and I definitely don’t see that relationship as being static.”
As for Norma, there could be a bad end in sight for her relationship with George (Michael Vartan). “Part of the story arc this season has really been about seeing how close to the sun Norma can fly,” says Cuse. “In the finale, we will definitely see where that leads and where that leaves Norma.”
Fans can rest easy knowing that “Bates Motel” has already been picked up for a Season 3. “I feel confident we can make a really engaging Season 3,” Cuse promises. “We’re hard at work just sort of laying out the architecture of the new season. I think it’s going to be great.”
“Bates Motel” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on A&E.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz