“Bates Motel” is going to be expanding its universe in Season 2, both in terms of its characters and its settings.

Beyond the Bradley, Norman and Emma love triangle-ish situation going on, a new love interest will enter the fray. Unlike Emma, she will be a girl who Norma cannot stand.

“There’s a great young teenage girl that Norman crosses paths with,” EP Kerry Ehrin tells Zap2it during a recent interview. “He meets this girl, who is kind of a bada** party girl. She doesn’t like parents. She’s like that girl. She’s the girl parents would not want their kids to date. And she kind of gets him to do stuff with her, but not realizing who it is that she’s pulling in, which is obviously dangerous.”

She adds, “It’s seeing Norman process women and sexual attraction and all of that stuff as told through sort of his summer relationship with this girl. Norma and her do not get along as well, which is super fun.”

Then there’s the fruit cellar, which has long been revealed as a setting in Season 2. Ehrin says that the introduction of that iconic “Psycho” location came organically to the writing process.

“It was interesting because we didn’t get to it by the idea of the location first,” Ehrin says. “We actually wanted to create a sort of taxidermy man cave for Norman, a place where he could really kind of spread out and kind of own and have all his stuff in there, and it would be kind of peaceful and serene — for him. For us, very disturbing.

“Then we were thinking about, well, it could be a tool shed, and then Mark Freeborn was like, ‘What about the fruit cellar?’ Of course. What about the fruit cellar?” she continues. “So that’s kind of how it ended up being the fruit cellar, which is completely perfect, but it didn’t start out that way. The set is really amazing.”

Expect to see new facets of Norma and Norman emerge in Season 2 as both attempt to make a home of White Pine Bay.

“The big theme of this year is the idea of characters asking ‘who am I?'” Ehrin teases. “Norma wondering, Am I a person who can actually be a normal person in this nice town? Does that actually exist? Will I wreck it?”

She continues, “Norman’s is very much, for a kid who feels like he’s doing what he’s supposed to do, he’s a good kid, but he just has these feelings that he doesn’t understand. He knows he has blackouts. He knows that there’s an aspect to him that he has never said out loud, that he does not understand. That he doesn’t know if his mom understands. This season is about his journey through that.”

“Bates Motel” Season 2 premieres March 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on A&E.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz