max thieriot red carpet nc 325 'Bates Motel's' Max Thieriot: 'They play up all my scars'Zap2it: On A&E Network’s “Psycho” prequel, “Bates Motel,” you play Dylan Massett, the older half brother of teen Norman Bates. What sort of a guy is he?

Max Thieriot: He’s a rough, kind of mysterious country boy, who just came from working on a fracking crew up in North Dakota. He shows up on his motorcycle. He’s been through a lot; he’s weathered. They play up all my scars on the show, make them look like they’re more [than they are]. But I have a bunch of scars on my forehead and eye.

Zap2it: Where did they come from?

Max Thieriot:
I wish I could say cooler things. One of them was riding a dirt bike into barbed wire, over my eye. The other eye was from surfing; I was in Panama. The other one is not so glorious. I was lifting weights, and I dropped a weight on my head.

I need to come up with some better stories, like, “I was in a fight with a guy who was 6 feet 8 and weighed 280 pounds. I won, but I split my eye open. It’s not a big deal.”

Zap2it What’s your own background?

Max Thieriot: I grew up in the country, in Sonoma County, California, by the coast. I grew up on 40 acres, a farm, with animals. We also had a thousand-acre ranch. The ranch, we didn’t grow anything. On the 40 acres we grew grapes and horses and sheep and stuff. When I’m at home, I wear Chippewa boots, Wranglers and a Ben Davis shirt probably, most days, or plain old Hanes T-shirts.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare