vince gilligan david shore battle creek gi CBS: 'Battle Creek': From the creators of 'Breaking Bad' and mostly 'House'The promotional materials for CBS’ new series “Battle Creek” leads with “from the creator of ‘Breaking Bad.'” And that’s true — the show was indeed created by Vince Gilligan, based on a script he first sold to CBS more than a decade ago.

But when the show hits the air during the 2014-15 season, Gilligan won’t be the person running the show day by day, as he’s committed to “Better Call Saul” on AMC. The “Battle Creek” showrunner job goes to David Shore, who created “House” for FOX.

Shore is not exactly a rookie — and “from the creator of ‘House'” follows closely in the promo materials — and he’s not going to try to do a Gilligan impression.

“I think it’s a fool’s errand for me to try to replicate ‘Breaking Bad’ or anything like that,” Shore says. “‘House’ was very different from ‘Breaking Bad,’ but I have found in dealing with Vince and talking with him — we literally made the same joke 10 minutes before we came out here, in unison — I think we have a similar sensibility. That’s why I responded to the material. But I think for me to try and replicate his voice would be foolish.”

Gilligan initially sold the “Battle Creek” script to CBS more than a decade ago, and Nina Tassler, the chair of CBS Entertainment, says it got a cast-contingent pilot order that year. The cast never came together, she says, and Gilligan then got busy with “Breaking Bad.”

“We’ve always tried to do it,” Tassler says. “He’s been tied up. This was the first window of opportunity where he was free to really get into a conversation about producing it.”

“Battle Creek” will likely premiere in 2015 on CBS.

Posted by:Rick Porter