that puppet game show dougie colon muppets bbc BBC will produce a Muppet style game show with the Jim Henson Company

BBC One and The Jim Henson Company will produce a game show featuring puppets. Called “That Puppet Game Show,” a group of felt creations will compete with celebrity guests to win money for charity.

As reported by Deadline, “That Puppet Game Show” is currently in production and will later air on the BBC during prime time on Saturdays. The celebrities competing on the show will each have the chance to win 10,000 pounds for their charities — if they can survive the wild antics of the puppetry.

Puppets don’t compete, of course. Instead, the cloth creatures will serve as on-screen and behind-the-scenes personalities necessary to make the game show run. Announced characters include the host, Dougie Colon (pronounced like “cologne”), producer Mancie and executive Udders McGhee.

Those familiar with the original “Muppet Show” from the 1970s will see a lot of similarities between that production and this. Like its predecessor, “That Puppet Game Show” combines performance with a fictionalized behind-the-scenes story. Another similarity is production location — “The Muppet Show” was also produced in England.

Keep in mind, the puppets used for “That Puppet Game Show” are not Muppets. The Henson family sold the rights to that property to Disney in 2004.

Posted by:Laurel Brown