jeremy clarkson n word gi BBC's Jeremy Clarkson apologizes for N word use on 'Top Gear'Jeremy Clarkson has come under a media firestorm recently for previously unseen “Top Gear” footage that shows him using the N-word. Finally the BBC TV presenter has come forward to apologize for the incident and explain his side of the story.

The footage in question came from a segment that was filmed several years ago. In it, Clarkson is pointing back and forth at two cars while reciting the nursery rhyme “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe.” At one point, he mumbles, “Catch a n***** by his toe, when he squeals, let him go, eeny, meeny, miny, moe.” Watch the segment below, courtesy of The Mirror.

The Mirror was the news outlet that initially brought the racist remark to light, and Clarkson initially responded by tweeting, “I did not use the n word. Never use it. The Mirror has gone too far this time.” He since has posted a video response with the tagline, “this is my statement.”

“Ordinarily, I don’t respond to newspaper allegations, but on this occasion, I feel I must make an exception. A couple of years ago I recorded an item for ‘Top Gear’ in which I quoted the rhyme ‘Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe.’ Of course, I was well aware that in the best known version of this rhyme, there is a racist expression that I was extremely keen to avoid,” Clarkson explains. 

He continues, “The full rushes show that I did three takes. In two, I mumbled where the offensive word would normally occur, and in the third, I replaced it altogether with the word ‘teacher.’ Now, when I reviewed this footage several weeks later, I realized that in one of the mumbled versions, if you listened very carefully with the sound turned right up, it did appear that I’d actually used the word I was trying to obscure. I was mortified by that.” 

Clarkson says he did everything within his power to make sure production didn’t use this clip, and even brings out a note he sent asking for a different take to be used. Still, he says he’s now “begging your forgiveness” because his efforts “weren’t quite good enough.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz