beardpocalypse2 Beardpocalypse: Conan O'Brien gets a shave from Will Ferrell [Updated]UPDATED with video at the end of the post.

Farewell, Conan O’Brien‘s beard. We hope to see you again sometime.

While it doesn’t exactly qualify as big news given the events of the past day, O’Brien ended Monday night’s (May 2) “Conan” without the beard he’s sported for the last year and several months. Guest Will Ferrell made good on his threats to shave the beard, and O’Brien didn’t put up much of a fight.

There was, of course, a rather substantial buildup to “beardpocalypse” (which the “Conan” team helpfully put on screen as a Twitter hashtag). O’Brien described how his daughter was upset at the prospect of Daddy losing his beard to the man from “Elf,” and Ferrell acted the part of a maniacally driven, follicle-hunting crusader a little too convincingly.

“I’ve had three Rockstar energy drinks, mixed with a little bourbon,” Ferrell said, wielding a straight razor.

“Are you even competent to do this?” O’Brien wondered.

“I don’t know — that’s what’s exciting,” Ferrell responded.

In the end, Ferrell employed clippers, which he calls Excalibeard, rather than the razor to half-shave O’Brien’s facial hair. A professional cleaned up the mess during a commercial, and O’Brien reappeared, clean-shaven for the first time since before his tour started in April 2010.

Ferrell’s assessment of his handiwork? “I made a huge mistake.” Of course.

Here’s the video — Ferrell had been growing increasingly impatient during his first segment on the show, hence his outburst at the beginning of this clip.

Posted by:Rick Porter