awkward jenna matty Beau Mirchoff on the 'Awkward' finale: 'Matty's a little afraid that Jake will win in the end'Perhaps the most surprising thing about television in 2011 was MTV’s crop of scripted shows. Though some were more successful than others (the “Skins” vs. PTC battle ended ugly), one thing is for certain — “Awkward” is a definite win for the network, proving that you don’t need GTL for fantastic ratings.

The one-hour Season 1 finale airs tonight (Tuesday, Sept. 27) and, like all good teen TV shows, the whole thing comes to a climax at the school dance. Don’t miss the Zap2it Exclusive clip below, in which Jake (Brett Davern) unknowingly moves in on his best friend’s girl.

We spoke with series star Beau Mirchoff about what we can expect from Matty, Jake, and Jenna in the finale.

Zap2it: In last week’s episode, Matty and Jenna had the best first date ever. Was it nice to finally get to see what they’re like together after playing will-they-won’t-they all season?

Mirchoff: Yeah, I was really looking forward to it. The whole season has been a cat-and-mouse chase between me and Jenna, and it was nice to see them together. I got to have a couple long scenes with Ashley.

Zap2it: Matty ended up in the middle of a girls’ night with her two best friends.

Mirchoff: I actually experienced something like that when I was in eighth grade. I was friends with these girls who were two or three years older than me, and I went and hung out at their house, and they may or may not have put foundation on me and all this weird stuff. I told them to promise never to say anything to anyone. And they didn’t. But now I’m telling you.

Zap2it: I like that you’re revealing your deep childhood traumas two minutes into the interview.

Mirchoff: Yeah, well. What are you going to do.

Zap2it: The show is so funny. Have there been any scenes that you had trouble getting through?

Mirchoff: At the beginning of the season, Greer Grammar was doing Lissa’s whole abstinence club thing, and she was like, ‘Don’t touch my no-no square!’ and I remember just laughing uncontrollably. I had a line, and I kept fumbling it because I was laughing too much.

Zap2it: In the first half of the finale, we see Matty screw up yet again. Is he really still scared of what people are going to think of him and Jenna?

Mirchoff: He’s sixteen! He’s still figuring things out. I mean, I think he’s getting better at it. He wouldn’t even ask Jenna out on a date at the beginning of the season when they first started hooking up. He is growing. He’s never asked a girl out. He’s just nervous. That’s the way he is, and maybe he’ll grow out of that.

Zap2it: He still hasn’t told Jake about Jenna.

Mirchoff: I think Matty’s a little afraid that Jake will win in the end. Jake has confided in Matty and told Matty that he likes Jenna, but I haven’t reciprocated that, so I think that’s an issue Matty has to deal with.

Zap2it: I’m hearing that this season ends in a bit of a cliffhanger.

Mirchoff: It does. But, the love triangle situation between Jake, Jenna, and Matty definitely comes to a conclusion.

Zap2it: I feel like, with the dance coming up, we’re gearing up for some major John Hughes moments here.

Mirchoff: Well, it’s a winter formal dance. Tears may be shed. Hearts are broken. And many a new love is formed.

Tune in to Zap2it tomorrow after you’ve seen the finale for more from Beau Mirchoff about where Matty may be headed in Season 2! In the meantime, don’t miss “Awkward’s” season finale at 11:00 p.m. EST on MTV.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie