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When a show like “Beauty and the Beast” ends the first half of its fall season with not one but several cliffhangers, we can’t just leave it at that. Fortunately, Sherri Cooper, one of the shows executive producers, shared a little bit about what’s to come on “Beauty” in 2013.

Why did you choose to end “Bridesmaid Up!” with so many cliffhangers?

Sherri Cooper: It feels like that is a perfect way to end this fairytale episode. You think she’s just going in the car and chasing down her guy… But of course it’s “Beauty and the Beast.” There’s always danger at every turn. And she didn’t get to say what she wanted to say to him.

It was a two-parter when we wrote this one and the next one. And of course, we’re keeping up the curiosity.

Is anyone going to start to figure out anything about what’s going on between Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan)?

Sherri Cooper: One of them is going to be let in a little more to what Catherine is going through.

We saw that Tess (Nina Lisandrello) and Evan (Max Brown) began the search to find J.T.’s (Austin Basis) identity in this episode, but they didn’t get close enough to find him. Is that a plot that’s going to play out over future episodes?

Sherri Cooper: Yes, totally! We are planning a fun run with Evan. He’s going to try to track down J.T. We will be sort of wondering, is he going to find this guy? Is going to find Vincent? What is J.T. going to do if he does find him? We’re going to put all of that in when we come back.

We got a bit of a surprise in “Bridesmaid Up!” when Evan and Heather had their date. Is that something we can expect to see more of, or is this just a one-time deal?

Sherri Cooper: We always kind of thought that it would be a lot of fun if Heather had a crush. ‘Cause, why wouldn’t you? He’s got that accent, he’s a medical examiner… We’re not planning a big, romantic arc with them, but Heather definitely has that crush.

And sometimes sisters have a crush on the same guy. It can be fun to explore that.

Will the future episodes continue to mix procedural elements with the long-arc romance and mystery?

Sherri Cooper: Obviously our audiences care about the relationships. I think they thematically tie, but the more we move into the season, I think they’ll always be tied — really tied. It will be a character connection, a mythology connection…

Are you planning on keeping the focus tightly on Catherine and Vincent, or will the other characters get  more stories as time goes on?

Sherri Cooper: Totally. We are going to branch out, and I think that happens naturally on most shows. We love all of them. Yes, we have lots of other stories going on… But we start in all conversations with “What are Catherine and Vincent going through?”

Finally, where did you find those gorgeous bridesmaid dresses?

Sherri Cooper: I can tell you about the costumes. It was J. Crew — they were J. Crew bridesmaid dresses!

Posted by:Laurel Brown