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Vincent (Jay Ryan) is back in “Beauty and the Beast” Season 2 for “Kidnapped, but the romance is far from certain between Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) and her beast. Will these true loves find each other again? Can Vincent turn away from his new mission? How much involvement does Cat’s dad have in all of this?

Kreuk and Ryan answered at least some of these questions in recent interviews.

First of all, there’s the important issue of whether or not the romance is doomed. Ryan did give some hints about how Vincent just won’t be able to stay away from Catherine, even if he wants to. “There’s always that pull, that connection,” he explained. “I think that’s what really starts to unravel this new Vincent from what he’s focused on right now. There’s this pull of this woman who says that they’re together and she knows all this stuff about his past … It’s a constant thing. It’s almost like he can hear her heartbeat. And that’s a new element that we’ll play with as well this season — his senses and what Catherine’s body does to him, I guess. How is a beast attracted to the one he loves, and how we play with that.”

But getting back together isn’t the solution to everything, as Kreuk pointed out. Catherine’s obsession with Vincent has actually become a bit of a problem for her. “This season will illustrate, if you go that extreme and you go really far in that extreme and you build your life all around somebody and you lose all sense of yourself, you’re screwed!” she said.

Of course, both Catherine and Vincent have other things going on in Season 2. For Vincent, a lot of the upcoming episodes will focus on the new kind of beast he now is. “How much of the Beast has been rewired to do what he was always intended to do?” explained Ryan. “They wanted him to be a super-soldier. I think in Season 1, Vincent’s beast was a little savage and all over the place. Vincent wasn’t really in control of that, until Catherine came and she sort of tamed the beast. So this season, he’s very focused.”

Catherine, meanwhile, will have to turn her focus away from Vincent on at least one front — her father. “Heather will finally reveal to Catherine that her father isn’t her father, and that will leave Catherine with a void,” Kreuk said. “She won’t know the truth. There’s no one alive who’s in her life to tell her — except for her real father, but she doesn’t know that he exists. But eventually she will. And then that’ll become Catherine’s only tie to who she is, because her mother told her lies, her pretend father told her lies … And as the audience knows — but Catherine doesn’t know — he’s the one who took the love of her life.”

It’s all very complicated, as viewers will find out when “Beauty and the Beast” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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