beauty and the beast season 2 premiere who am i jay ryan interview cw 'Beauty and the Beast': Jay Ryan on the 'new' beast in 'Who Am I?'

With the “Beauty and the Beast” Season 2 premiere, “Who Am I?,” the CW show gets a whole new direction and a whole new beast. Who better to preview this newness than the man behind Vincent and the Beast himself?

Jay Ryan talked about all of this recently on the Toronto set of “Beauty and the Beast.”

When asked exactly how Vincent had changed in the three months since he was kidnapped and disappeared, Ryan had a few specifics to offer. “He’s very different this year — both physically and mentally,” the actor explained. “I feel like Vincent is more in control of this beast, but it’s for different purposes. It’s to protect this beast and it’s also to eradicate. And his target is revealed in this episode and following episodes.”

It’s not just control that defines the “new” Vincent. He will reveal some new, beastly powers before the premiere episode ends. Ryan wouldn’t share all of the details, but he did tease “a really great, new trait of this beast — this new, rewired beast.” As the actor put it, “It’s very cool what he can do with his mind, this beast. He almost foresees stuff.”

Finally, Ryan couldn’t help but praise the “Beauty and the Beast” fans for their support in getting to Season 2. He even had a story to show exactly how supportive the “Beasties” are:

“The fans are so dedicated, and I’ve never really seen anything like it. It’s amazing. I just had my birthday recently, and it was really humbling and amazing — they created this 20-minute video from all over the world. It was like a short film that they all banded together for online and pulled together. And each one made their own — there’s some animation in there and people shouting out and drawing pictures and stop-motion and stuff. And then from each, they would say where they’re from and their Twitter handle. There were people from Peru, Israel — all these countries I never knew I would have some sort of presence in! So that was really amazing to see just how wide the net has thrown, and the show is just sort of reaching out there to all these people in different languages.”

“Beauty and the Beast” returns for Season 2 Monday, Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Posted by:Laurel Brown