When “Beauty and the Beast” Season 2 returns with its first new episode of 2014 — “Don’t Die on Me” — there is serious tension between Catherine and Vincent. But the big question posed by this exclusive photo is: Why is Vincent talking to the press?

While Season 2 Vincent (Jay Ryan) hasn’t been as secretive as he once was, it seems like a very bad idea for the Beast to talk in such a public forum. The man does seem a little freaked out by the situation too. Is this something that Tori (guest star Amber Skye Noyes) — seen in the background — arranged? What will this mean for Catherine (Kristin Kreuk)?

Elsewhere in the episode, Cat has to help protect Tori in order to keep Vincent safe. However, Vincent still tries to intervene, leading to major consequences. Some of those consequences may have the effect of bringing Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Catherine closer together.

“Don’t Die on Me” airs Monday (Jan. 13) at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Laurel Brown