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“Beauty and the Beast” may just have presented its audience with the single worst Thanksgiving dinner ever in “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.”

There was family fighting. Awkward meetings happened repeatedly. Vincent kissed another beast woman. The table got flipped. Cat and Vincent broke up. Reynolds ordered a hit on two of his dinner guests.

And you thought your Thanksgivings were rough? At least the help had the day off.

Paternal interruptions

It’s bad enough when a father calls to interrupt a make-out session. It’s even worse when that same dad tries to blow up his daughter’s boyfriend.

But that’s exactly how this episode of “Beauty and the Beast” begins.

At least Bob Reynolds, FBI Agent and secret beast handler, wants his daughter to visit him in Montauk for Thanksgiving. It’s a kind gesture, one that is only somewhat mitigated by Reynolds’ murderous intentions toward her boyfriend.

On top of this, Catherine and Vincent are having serious relationship issues because Cat doesn’t like the way he ripped out that guy’s heart last week. No amount of mashed potatoes or plastic Thanksgiving hay (is that a thing?) can make her forget that little detail.

Tracking the handler

Catherine is fortunate in having something to distract her from family and relationship issues. Gabe has just found out that his Muirfield files are gone from the computer. That and the growing suspicion that Vincent’s handler wants the beast dead — what with the exploding warehouse and all — mean that the group needs to investigate.

They don’t do too well at decrypting those voice-modulated phone calls from the handler, but at least JT and Tess take some time out from DRINKING AND KISSING (!?!) to note some church bells in the background of the handler’s last call.

Meet the bio-parent

JT having determined that someone at the FBI erased Gabe’s files, Cat and Vincent decide to drive to Montauk for Thanksgiving. That way, they can enlist Reynolds to help find this awful person.

From the start, nothing goes well. Reynolds spends most of the pre-dinner period interrogating Vincent about his lack of job and necktie, while Catherine desperately tries to get information from someone who doesn’t want to give it.

The only victory is that Reynolds agrees to help find the handler. Not that this is really a victory, since Reynolds **is the handler. But nobody knows that yet, so never mind.


Reynolds requests some of Gabe’s files so that he can better locate the handler, so Gabe drives out to Montauk with the desired documents. He also brings Tori the She-Beast because the rich girl has just driven her car into the Hudson River and really shouldn’t be alone right now.

All of this impresses Reynolds, who obviously thinks that Cat should date Gabe immediately. Oh Bob! Gabe doesn’t exactly meet your “human” criteria either. Even if he does wear a tie.

Nor does Tori — this becomes immediately obvious when she and Vincent interact. Apparently, girl beasts make boy beasts go insane and try to kill annoying dads with handy axes. Vincent’s behavior here really does nothing to make Reynolds rethink his position on beasts in general and Vincent in particular.

Give thanks that this is not your Thanksgiving dinner

As if the day hadn’t already been bad enough, the group is only just getting to the meal now. It doesn’t go well. It really doesn’t go well.

Reynolds has just told Vincent that he is to disappear from Catherine’s life immediately when they all sit down. Strangely, this causes a bit of tension. There’s even more tension when Vincent and Tori clink glasses. While Vincent politely excuses himself, Tori just loses it.

Funky beast-eyes glowing, Tori flips the table. Dinner is basically over before it begins.

Because the day isn’t bad enough

After dinner ends in a rather dramatic fashion, three bad things happen in rapid succession:

1. Catherine and Reynolds get into a nasty fight. It’s the kind of argument you would expect from a father and daughter who had been at odds for years, not a few weeks.

2. Vincent tries to console Tori. Unfortunately, this leads quickly to beasty making out in Reynolds’ orchard (or wherever on the vast estate they are).

3. Catherine chooses this moment to walk up. She spews much of the Reynolds fight at Vincent who promptly dumps her. Wait — isn’t that usually the job of the person **not just caught kissing someone else?

Next time, take a taxi

Wanting this day to end, Reynolds calls his hitman driver to take Tori back to the city. Vincent comes back to the house shortly afterwards and learns the disturbing lies news that Reynolds has found the beast handler at the FBI: The culprit is supposedly a man named Tucker.

Reynolds also lets Vincent know that Tucker is likely after Tori at that moment. The great guy even offers his daughter’s (ex) boyfriend a car to get to Tori faster.

What a swell liar guy!

Unpleasant revelations all around

With both Tori and Vincent gone, Catherine and Gabe decide it’s time they really ought to depart — especially if the help are going to be back anytime soon. They walk out the door just in time to hear the nearby sounds of church bells …

We see only a little dawning horror before cutting away from Cat and Gabe.

Meanwhile in the city, Vincent has made it to Tori’s luxury apartment, but he’s a little too late. Tori is still alive, but she’s tied to a chair across the room. Closer to the door, Vincent spies a bomb.

It’s a little harder for Vincent to avoid this one. Flame leap into the night.

And that was the fun family Thanksgiving on “Beauty and the Beast.” Christmas is really going to suck.

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