“Beauty and the Beast” has been absent from The CW for awhile now. But it’s not gone for good. Not only has the show been renewed for Season 3, but there is also a trailer for the Season 2 return this summer.

Watch the video here.

As you might recall from the last time “Beauty and the Beast” aired, Vincent and Catherine had finally gotten back together after amnesia, dating other people and a whole bunch of murder attempts. Then, Vincent went and got arrested for murder.

Seeing as he is a real person with a name and a face and all of that now, the police really can arrest him.

As the video shows, however, Vincent isn’t likely to adapt well to prison life. He may not even stay there at all. Does the second half of Season 2 follow Cat and Vincent on the run?

We will find out when “Beauty and the Beast” returns Monday, June 2 on The CW.

Posted by:Laurel Brown