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“Beauty and the Beast” has a new and complicated antagonist this season — FBI Special Agent Bob Reynolds, aka Catherine’s biological father. Add in the fact that Reynolds also happens to be Vincent’s handler in a quest to kill beasts, and it gets complicated quickly.

Find out more about Reynolds in this interview with actor Ted Whittall.

Rumors are that Reynolds is going to spend Thanksgiving with Catherine — and possibly the rest of the “Beast” gang. How does that happen?

Ted Whittall: I think Reynolds wanted to spend Thanksgiving with his daughter but Cat kind of springs Vincent on him. It’s hard to describe without giving it all away. But circumstances kind of conspire to get everybody involved into Reynolds’ house for Thanksgiving. Reynolds kind of wants it to happen that way, because everything is starting to spin out of control and it’s easier for him to get everybody there and to deal with the situation — as he sees it — than to not have everybody there.

Does Reynolds want to be honest and open with Cat, or is he fine keeping things from her?

Ted Whittall: I think there’s secrets. I mean, you saw last week’s episode — he’s actually honest with her about everything. The line that we came up with when we were talking about it is: He doesn’t lie to Cat. There are just some things he can’t tell her. And it’s even more complicated because she has a deep involvement with Vincent. And Vincent’s part of the things he can’t talk about, that he can’t tell her. So yes, he’s trying to be open and transparent, but there are some things he just can’t tell her.

When you got the role of Bob Reynolds, did you know much about his backstory and importance to “Beauty and the Beast”?

Ted Whittall: [laughs] Absolutely nothing! I came on to do the last two episodes of last season. And I was told, you know, just an FBI guy, and I was like, “Sure! I’ll come do that.” And then I got that script for the last episode and read it and went, “Oh my!”

It wasn’t just a cliffhanger for the audience — it was a cliffhanger for me too. I thought, “This is interesting … Let’s see what happens next season.”

Are Reynolds’ feelings toward Vincent because the man is a dangerous beast or because that beast is dating Catherine?

Ted Whittall: All of it. What was made absolutely clear, and what I really enjoy about doing the part is that they’ve really locked that conflict inside Reynolds. He actually really does care about his daughter and he’s genuinely excited to be in her life.

But he knows exactly what Vincent is. And you saw, in the last episode, some of what’s going on with Vincent — how dangerous he can be. I think the drive that Reynolds has is maybe overbearing. But that being said, I think he really understands what Vincent is and he really doesn’t want this in Catherine’s life.

What do you think? Is Reynolds ultimately a good guy or a bad guy?

Ted Whittall: He’s not a bad guy because he’s just a bad guy. He’s driven by his love of Catherine, and he’s driven by his knowledge of what’s going on out there and his desire to fix it. He has the same desire as Vincent to clear up the mess.

We want Reynolds to be a character that everybody hates to love. He is the bad guy in the scenario — let’s be clear, this is a show about Vincent and Catherine being in love. It’s very tragic, almost impossible love. So Reynolds in the middle of it is definitely the bad guy, as far as this is concerned. But at the same time we want him to be understandable. We want him to be vulnerable and likable, despite what he’s doing.

“Beauty and the Beast” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on The CW. The Thanksgiving episode, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” airs on Nov. 18.

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