kristin kreuk beauty beast 'Beauty and the Beast's' Kristin Kreuk: 'It's interesting to see how she behaves'Kristin Kreuk is pleased with her character’s arc on “Beauty and the Beast,” but she’s hoping to take it even farther in Season 2.

The former Lana Lang of “Smallville” wraps the freshman year of her current CW series Thursday, May 16, and she doesn’t conceal that it concludes with a cliffhanger for police detective Catherine Chandler and her self-appointed protector, Vincent (Jay Ryan). The show already has been renewed for next season, thus preventing its fans from being left with unanswered questions forever.
Obviously, Kreuk is happy to know that. “It’s been good,” she tells Zap2it of making the series so far. “It’s been challenging for me. I haven’t been No. 1 on a TV show before, and I have a lot of respect for everyone who does that job. It’s fun, but it’s a lot of work.”
Some of that work has gone into developing a darker side for Catherine, who’s increasingly gone rogue in trying to protect Vincent … to the degree that she’s felt forced to deceive most of the people she’s closest to.

“We’ve got a pretty rich back story for Catherine,” Kreuk confirms. “She’s not morally pure. Her gauge of what’s right or wrong, and good or bad, is kind of muddy based on her experiences. She’s not perfect by any means, though her intent is always to do the best. I don’t know that she always succeeds.
“It’s interesting to see how she behaves,” adds Kreuk. “It’s predictable if you really understand her deeply, but I like that she’s dynamic and flawed. There are many facets to who she really is.”

Which comes back to the frequent mystery behind Catherine’s actions toward others, Kreuk says.
“She’s like, ‘I have to keep you in the dark and make sure that you’re safe. And I will sacrifice my friendship with you in order to do that.’ “
Posted by:Jay Bobbin