being human the last broadcast series finale 'Being Human' series finale 'The Last Broadcast': What did you think?

“Being Human’s” series finale started with a song-and-dance sequence, and ended the only way the show could: with its three leads becoming human. It took a rocky road for Hal, Tom and Alex to get there, but at least they did and finally got what seems to be their perfect happy ending.

The final episode of the UK “Being Human” series, “The Last Broadcast,” aired in Britain on March 10, but only just premiered on US shores tonight. The show’s three leads literally had to fight the devil himself in order to free themselves from his curse, but defeat him they did — though not before Captain Hatch tried to trick them all individually into making a deal with him.

Hatch showed them alternate dream worlds that they could live in if, in exchange, they let him rule the true reality. For Alex, that meant staying alive the day that she died. In Tom’s world, Alison is alive and pregnant with their baby. Hal is taken back to the day he became a vampire. But even though they are separated (and Hal is in his jerk form), all three supernatural friends decide that “everything is incomplete” without the others.

It’s that true friendship, regardless of whatever has come between them, which also leads them to perform the ritual and defeat the devil for good. Instead of the Trinity dying, this defeat means that all of their devil’s curses are lifted; they’re all human again. 

The emotional impact of that reveal came earlier in the episode, though. Before the devil’s defeat, Hal shared the revelation that Alex and Tom were human simply because they desired to be so. The fact that they got to regain their mortal lives is just the icing on the cake after the trio realized they kept their humanity all along.

The series ends with Hal, Alex and Tom reunited as friends and watching television on the couch, finally human. After spending five seasons with this show, is this an ending you found satisfying? Vote below, and say why in the comments.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz