sienna guillory gi 'Believe': Sienna Guillory leaving NBC's midseason dramaNBC’s new drama “Believe” is parting ways with one of the stars of its pilot, Sienna Guillory.

Her exit is not, however, going to lead to recasting her role. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Guillory (the “Resident Evil” franchise) is being written out of the show after the pilot as part of a different approach in the writers’ room.

“Believe,” created by Alfonso Cauron (“Children of Men”) and Mark Friedman (“The Forgotten”), centers on Bo (Johnny Sequoyah), a girl who has immense but undeveloped abilities, and the ex-convict (Jake McLaughlin) charged with protecting her from people who want to harm her. Guillory was set to play one of those people; her character attempts to kidnap Bo in the pilot.

After finishing the pilot, though, the show’s producers opted for more of a villain-of-the-week approach in the early going. The HR says that if one of those characters sparks with audiences, it could become a recurring role.

“Believe” is scheduled to air Sunday nights on NBC starting in early 2014. 

Posted by:Rick Porter