ben affleck batman superman man of steel Ben Affleck as Batman: Why the Internet needs to take a deep breath and relaxHey, Internet, look — it’s time we had a talk.

I know Warner Bros’ announcement on Thursday (Aug. 22) that Ben Affleck will be the next Batman in the upcoming “Man of Steel” sequel really upset you. You’re the Internet — you’re always upset. You took to Twitter and tweeted things like “As a dad, I have to go to all the big superhero movies. Ben Affleck’s casting has actually made me love my children less” and “In the Ben Affleck version, Batman’s parents kill themselves.” (Seriously, Internet? Over-dramatic much?)

Heck, you even went so far as to create a petition on demanding that Affleck be stripped of the role before he even had a chance to celebrate it, while simultaneously petitioning the White House to make it illegal for this injustice to occur. (Both really super examples of why these systems were created and of how to spend your time, Internet. Well done.)

But here’s the thing, Internet — it’s time to calm down.

I know, it’s not what you want to hear, but all this anger isn’t good for you. Also? You’ve done this before — and you were wrong.

We won’t see Affleck’s portrayal of the Caped Crusader until 2015 (which is about the time judgement ought to be reserved for), and for all we know, it could be great. Sure, it could be a disaster (I mean, Zach Snyder is directing, after all), but it could still be surprisingly terrific. It’s happened before. You remember Heath Ledger don’t you?

Remember when Ledger was announced for the role of The Joker in “The Dark Knight”? You hated that, too, Internet. You retreated to Reddit and spewed things like “And now begins the second downfall of the Batman series… I hope this is all a joke” and “The Joker is a character that needs an actor with gravity. Not some little twerp who got lucky.”

(Are you feeling a little red-faced yet, Internet?)

And then “The Dark Knight” actually came out, Ledger proved to be a phenomenon in the role, and you were all like, “ZOMG HEATH LEDGER 4EVER!” He even earned a posthumous Oscar for acting in a genre that’s largely ignored with the Academy.

You’re not always right, Internet.

Sure, “Daredevil” wasn’t looked upon too favorably, but that movie was plagued by much more than leading man woes. And yes, we get the joke about Affleck’s Boston accent by now, Internet. You can relax on that one.

The point is this, Internet. Let’s employ a wait-and-see attitude here. Let’s allow for the possibility that Affleck could surprise us. After all, he did direct “Argo” (which he also starred in) — his instincts aren’t all that off. So, how’s about we just calm down and ride this thing out until 2015 like the adults I know we all can be.

After all, if this movie is ruined by anything, it’ll be Zach Snyder and David Goyer. So there.

Posted by:Billy Nilles