ben and jerrys ice cream free cone day crashes website gi Ben and Jerry's 'Free Cone Day' crashes the ice cream company's website

“Free Cone Day,” a Ben & Jerry’s annual tradition since 1979, is one of the greatest things the world has ever known. Free ice cream!

Unfortunately, the Internet couldn’t quite keep up with the awesome during the 2013 celebration on Tuesday (April 9). The ice-cream company’s website crashed, probably as a result of too many hungry fans.

The easiest way — usually — to find a Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop is to use the company’s online locator tool. But what happens when an excessive number of people suddenly need to find their nearest purveyor of frozen gourmet goodness? Apparently, this can crash the server.

According to the, Ben & Jerry’s attributed the problem to “heavy traffic.” Since Free Cone Day usually results in millions of scoops being given away, this isn’t a huge shock.

I myself was an unfortunate victim of the Ben & Jerry’s Internet crash. As a recent arrival in Los Angeles, I had no idea of where to go for my free scoop. Alas, that scoop was never to be — all of my Ben & Jerry’s searches ended in error pages.

At least there are many pints left at the grocery store! The Internet can never destroy those.

Posted by:Laurel Brown