“Ben and Kate” returns from its midwinter hiatus with “B Squad,” an episode that takes a completely not serious look at the issues facing our education system these days. Also, someone steals the idea for a really, really awful food-industry business.

The videos start out with the least-fun playdate ever experienced by young children. Studying, however, may be a necessary thing if Maddie’s (Maggie Elizabeth Jones) friend Norman doesn’t know the difference between a vowel and a number.

Fortunately, the “fun” and “games” of studying are interrupted by the non-test persona of Ben (Nat Faxon).

  • Would a bunk-bed pizza really be like a sleepover in your mouth? Mostly it just sounds messy.
  • Apparently, Kate (Dakota Johnson) has never told Maddie anything about her father. That does seem a bit odd. Even if he (literally) ran away.
  • Considering their ages, there might not have been a gifted program when Ben and Kate were in school. Mainstreaming was a big thing in the mid to late ’80s.

Did Maddie get into the gifted program?

Not so much.

Alas, there is more bad news for the family still to come…

It seems that Matt, the old buddy, actually stole Ben’s bunk-bed pizza idea. He really should not be too upset about losing this one. Granted, without being that upset, Ben probably wouldn’t have hit on the main criticism regularly leveled against gifted programs — they leave out kids who don’t get the fancy programs because they’re not smart enough.

“B Squad” airs on Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 8:30pm on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown