“Sherlock” star Benedict Cumberbatch thinks that much of his success stems from having “a weird face.” But does he really look a little like an otter?

That’s how Cumberbatch describes himself in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. It is noted that his look is somewhat “timeless,” and the actor chooses to take the remark lightly — at least at first.

“It’s the blessing of having a weird face,” Cumberbatch explains. “Somewhere between an otter and something people find vaguely attractive.”

Cumberbatch doesn’t stop with that flippant remark, however. Instead, he notes the importance of timelessness to one’s heritage and work. Of course, a timeless look does lend itself to a certain type of role as well. 

“I’ve got a long neck, a long face — that’s usually period,” Cumberbatch says of his likely typecasting. “That’s usually some kind of inbreeding weirdness.”

Still, the actor acknowledges that people seem to find his looks attractive. He doesn’t think it’s purely about looks though. “I know a lot of it is projection, which is kind of flattering about the work,” he says.

Considering Cumberbatch is the man who makes Sherlock Holmes come alive — plus roles in five films that debuted in 2013 alone — that work definitely flatters him back.

Plus, otters are really cute.

Posted by:Laurel Brown