There’s nothing more that many Cumbercookies would want than for “Sherlock” hottie Benedict Cumberbatch to become the next bachelor in their lives. “Jimmy Kimmel Live” made that wish come true in some small way during Cumberbatch’s Dec. 4 appearance when the late night show introduced his new project: “The Cumberbachelor.”

Made from a mash up of “Sherlock” and “The Bachelor” clips, the video is nothing less than amazing (though not quite as amazing as Cumberbatch’s R. Kelly reading). Whenever Cumberbatch is willing to cash out on his television and film career, he should definitely consider making a transition into reality television.

Interestingly enough, there’s already something of a Cumberbatch/”The Bachelor” crossover happening with Juan Pablo Galavis this season. He and his bachelorettes headed to the set of “The Hobbit” in New Zealand for one trip, and Cumberbatch voices the dragon Smaug in the upcoming film. Coincidence? Sherlock Holmes certainly wouldn’t think so.

Are you as obsessed with Cumberbatch’s epic “Jimmy Kimmel” visit as we are?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz